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Beg for more cock
20 minutes, 19 seconds of video
Added August 20th, 2017    

Sexy roommates Dakota and Heather decide to have some fun with their boy toy. Dakota convinces Heather to try strap-on fucking a guy for her very first time. Dakota shows her the ropes and fucks her boy in a spitroast doggy-style. Heather tries out the pile driver position and makes him squeal as she shoves her big red dong deep inside his man pussy. Dakota finishes him off while he lies on his back sucking Heathers cock clean. The girls laugh and giggle because they enjoy turning him in to their cock craving bitch.

Featuring: Dakota Skye
Categories: Blonde, Brunette, Latina, Strap-on
Punished Peeper
11 minutes, 59 seconds of video
Added August 13th, 2017    

Dakota Skye and Heather Vahn catch a perving neighbor peeping through their window as they are getting dressed. They forcefully pull him inside and teach him a ballbusting lesson he won't soon forget.

Featuring: Dakota Skye
Categories: Ballbusting, Blonde, Brunette, CBT, Cum Eating, Handjobs, Humiliation, Latina, Milking
P!SS Cocktail
5 minutes, 50 seconds of video
Added December 2nd, 2014    

Thats right toilet boy, you have going to have to serve as a urinal for me and all my friends. I am going to keep you lying in the bathtub as a permanent p!ss trough. Open wide and gulp down our golden nectar!

Featuring: Dakota Skye
Categories: Blonde, Brunette, Femdom POV, Humiliation, Latina, Masturbation Instruction, Pee
Dakota & Heather's Houseboy Audition
12 minutes, 51 seconds of video
Added October 20th, 2014    

Roommates Dakota and Heather are auditioning a new house slave, they make sure he is familiar with pleasing the female body through ass & pussy licking. His cock is locked away in chastity whileDakota Skye and Heather Vahn take turns riding his face to orgasm.

Featuring: Dakota Skye
Categories: Ass Worship, Blonde, Brunette, Chastity, Latina, Pussy Worship
Closet Foot Boy
10 minutes, 14 seconds of video
Added August 26th, 2014    

Princess Dakota Skye and Heather Vahn are preparing for a night out but first need a little attention spent on their feet. Luckily they keep their foot pet locked up in the closet ready to be used any time they please. He is yanked out and put to work until their sexy princess toes have had the attention they truly deserve.

Featuring: Dakota Skye
Categories: Blonde, Brunette, Foot Worship, High Heel Worship, Latina
Sexual Obedience
16 minutes, 1 seconds of video
Added September 13th, 2013    

Mistress Heather expects slaves in her stable be sexually obedient and keep a hard penis to be used as long as she desires. The slave is stretched out over the bondage bed with his cock ready to please his Mistress. Mistress Heather rubs her wet pussy against his hard cock teasing her clit before inserting. She rides him hard the way she likes clapping her pussy against his body. She turns around and faces him putting her hands over his mouth so she can concentrate on getting herself off. Her sexy round ass jiggles as works his cock inside her pussy.

Categories: Bondage, Gloves, Handjobs, Latina, Orgasm Denial, Sex, Tease and Denial
Forbidden Fruit
8 minutes, 31 seconds of video
Added September 2nd, 2013    

Stare at your Goddess, she it the forbidden fruit you will never get to have. She is a sexy seductress that teases you with her body, entrapping you as her slave. The more you stroke the more addictive it becomes. She opens her legs and gives you a taste of her sweet pussy, she instructs your masturbation while teasing you with all of her feminine goddess parts. A good submissive follows orders and the more you stroke the harder she makes it for you to hold back. Mistress Heather seductively reveals more and more of herself before counting you down to orgasm.

Categories: Femdom POV, Latina, Masturbation Instruction
Penis Prisoner
11 minutes, 6 seconds of video
Added August 4th, 2013    

Mistress Heather is so very generous to her chastity slave, she devotes an entire 5 minutes per month to his sexual needs. The rest of the month he remins submissively locked away in her steel chastity cage, her penis prisoner. Mistress Heather teases her chastity bitch, but she only allows release once per month under her supervision. Mistress Heather places her stocking covered feet in his face and orders he please her while she generously lends a helping hand to indefinitely imprisoned cock. She tells him he will only touch his cock for 5 minutes, after that he is locked back away in his cage, orgasm or not.

Categories: Chastity, Cum Eating, Handjobs, Latina, Milking
Chastised Pussy Licker -Heather
17 minutes, 47 seconds of video
Added July 30th, 2013    

Your place is between my legs, worshipping and serving my needs. Male cocks are locked in chastity for control, you must earn the privilege of having your cage unlocked. You will lick my pussy to orgasm as many times as I please. Slaves must learn their place on this earth is serving dominant women.

Categories: Chastity, Latina, Pussy Worship
Trained footservant
10 minutes, 48 seconds of video
Added July 23rd, 2013    

Mistress Heather Vahn is training this lowly male to serve as floor servant. She shoves her stocking feet in his face to smell and worship. He must learn to lick her soles properly or she will punish him with foot gagging.

Categories: Foot Worship, Latina, Pantyhose & Stockings