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Just the Tip
11 minutes, 47 seconds of video
Added July 7th, 2013    

Mistress London likes to keep her chastity slave sexually frustrated. She ties him down to the bed and removes his steel cock cage. Mistress London slides her pussy over his cock, the slave gets extremely aroused at the feeling of her warm wet cunt rubbing against his cock. Mistress London teases her slave even further by only allowing the very tip of his cock head inside her. She bounces her pussy on just the top inch of his cock. The horny slave cannot resist and tries to thrust himself deeper inside her but is quickly scolded to remain still while she is teasing his cock. Mistress London uses a vibrator on herself while only one inch of his cock is allowed inside. Mistress London finishes her slave with a handjob so she can lock his cock back into chastity.

Categories: Asian, Bondage, Brunette, Chastity, Cum Eating, Handjobs, Humiliation, Milking, Sex
Beneath Her Boots
7 minutes, 56 seconds of video
Added June 27th, 2013    

Mistress London uses her slave a filthy boot wipe. She shows him just how little he means to her by wiping the black soot from the bottoms of her boots onto his tongue. When he fails to lick them properly clean she bitch slaps him across his face and spits on him. She makes him tongue polish every inch of her soft leather designer boots.

Categories: Asian, Boot Worship, Brunette
Pussy Trainer
7 minutes, 13 seconds of video
Added June 19th, 2013    

Mistress London Keyes reminds her slave that the only pleasure he will ever receive is from worshipping and tasting her sweet, delicious pussy. She orders him to stick out his tongue and keep it out while she smothers and grinds her cunt all over his face until he has a mouth full of her cum and his face smells of her pussy juices.

Categories: Asian, Ass Worship, Pussy Worship
Foot Service
9 minutes, 32 seconds of video
Added June 10th, 2013    

Mistress London Keyes uses her slave to service her feet after a long hay of wearing high heels. She forces her feet in his mouth, she is amused with how much of her foot she can fit inside. Mistress London has him lick the bottoms of her feet, she spits in his mouth for extra lubrication.

Categories: Asian, Brunette, Foot Worship
Humiliated Cum Eater
6 minutes, 4 seconds of video
Added May 30th, 2013    

Admire your Mistress while you stroke your cock, show me how turned on you get by starring at my body. Let's see how much cum I can accumulate in your balls by teasing you... Look at my big soft breasts, pink pussy and sweet ass while you stroke. I intend on making you have a big cum load just so I can make you suffer more when you eat it. LOL If you want permission to cum you are going to show me what a filthy cum eating bitch you are. Lap up every last drop! Humiliate your self for me slave.

Categories: Asian, Brunette, Cum Eating, Femdom POV, Humiliation, Masturbation Instruction
Smoke Break
5 minutes, 40 seconds of video
Added May 19th, 2013    

Mistress London enjoys a cigarette break and uses her slaves mouth as her ashtray.

Categories: Asian, Brunette, Human Ashtray, Smoking, Spitting
Foot Jerker
8 minutes, 21 seconds of video
Added May 12th, 2013    

Mistress London unlocks her slave from chastity for a foot job milking. She strokes his cock between the soles of her feet. Mistress London gives him a better view for inspiration, she bends over and takes his cock between her feet while teasing him with her panty-less pussy peeking under her skirt. It doesn't take long for her to jerk the cum straight out of his cock.

Categories: Asian, Brunette, Foot Worship, Footjobs