Mistress Siri


This Big-Breasted beauty decided to preform in adult films at the age of 19 while still attending college. She quickly made an impression with her natural H-cup tits. This Swedish beauty was born in Minnesota and grew up in Texas. Mistress Siri has it all beauty, brains and killer curves.

Birthdate: June 20th, 1988
Height: 5'9"; SHOE SIZE 10
Measurements: 32H - 27 - 38

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Country of Origin: United States
Province / State: MN - Minnesota
Place of Birth: Minneapolis
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Aliases: Siri XXX, Siri Pornstar
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 176 cm - 5 feet and 9 inches
Weight: 68 kg - 150 lbs
Measurements: 30H-27-38
Fake boobs: No
Career Status: Retired
Shoe Size: 10

Fun Fact:  Siri's name is a shortened version of the common Scandinavian name Sigrid, which means "Beautiful Victory" in Old Norse.

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Siri's Horny Foot Fucker
16 minutes, 5 seconds of video
Added December 26th, 2013    

Mistress Siri's pathetic slave cums uncontrollably whenever he gets a chance to hump his cock against her feet. Siri finds his uncontrollable orgasms extremely entertaining. Siri rubs her stocking covered toes against his cock, the slave tries to resist her temptation and save himself the embarrassment of exposing what a horny foot fucker he really is. Mistress Siri grabs his cock tightly between her warm soft arches, the slave begins to fuck her feet with more enthusiasm than her would a pussy. It is not long before he is exploding white ropes of cum covering her black silky stockings.

Categories: Foot Worship, Footjobs, High Heel Worship, Milking, Pantyhose & Stockings, Red Head
Busty Submission
11 minutes, 24 seconds of video
Added December 7th, 2013    

You just can't help but be submissive around busty superior women. Starring at my huge H-Cup breasts is intoxicating. No man can resist the urge to stare, and the longer you look, the more submissive and weak you will become to me. Watch my beautiful breasts bounce as you eagerly stroke your cock. The closer you come to orgasm, the closer you are to being completely owned by me. I will count you down as I let you gaze upon perfection.

Categories: Femdom POV, Masturbation Instruction
Worship my PUSSY
8 minutes, 13 seconds of video
Added July 9th, 2013    

Mistress Siri orders he slaves face between her thighs to worship her pussy. He licks her pussy softly with long licks, tasting her pussy as it gets wetter from each lick. Mistress Siri grinds her ass on her slaves face while he continues to suck on her clit to orgasm. One orgasm is not enough for this greedy Mistress, she enlists the help of her vibrator to stimulate herself to orgasm with her slaves tongue penetrating her cunt. Siri has a mind blowing orgasm while sitting on her slaves face, her legs quiver as she cums on his face.

Categories: Blonde, Pussy Worship
Follow Doctors Orders
13 minutes, 20 seconds of video
Added June 29th, 2013    

A client has enlisted the help of Dr. Siri to work on his sexual problems. His wife is uninterested in sex with him anymore and he is willing to do anything to make is marriage work. Dr Siri uses "unorthodox" methods of sex therapy, but she finds them to achieve her desired results. Dr Siri unbuckles his pants and takes out his cock to take a better look at his cock. His cock is nice size and seems to get erect easily, she decides to investigate his sexual ability further. Siri straddles her patient, taking his cock inside her warm wet opening. He gets so excited that he starts to trust himself into her hard and fast. Dr Siri decides to teach him how a woman likes to have sex, the key to sexual fulfillment is making sure the woman also enjoys herself during intercourse. Dr Siri acts as a sexual surrogate or instructor to show him exactly how to please a woman, how to make his partner cum. After Dr Siri has orgasmed on his cock she decides chastity is the best way to control his cock during their ongoing therapy. His cock is completely under her control, she is grooming him to be a good lover & satisfy women properly.

Categories: Chastity, Sex
Weak for Busty Women
9 minutes, 11 seconds of video
Added June 24th, 2013    

Ms. Siri knows exactly why you come to see her, you cannot help but stare at her huge tits. Siri finds your breast your weakness for busty women amusing, she wants to take it a little further. She reveals her bare breasts and watchs as your cock quickly grow hard. She instructs you to jerk your cock while staring at her huge perfect natural tits. She is going to give you the release that you so desperately want.

Categories: Femdom POV, Masturbation Instruction
Sensually Licked
8 minutes, 56 seconds of video
Added June 18th, 2013    

Mistress Siri is putting her slaves oral skills to the test. She wants to see how well he uses his tongue, if he does a good job on her feel he may be allowed to worship her pussy. Siri gets aroused while her slave sensually licks and sucks her bare feet. She begins to rub her pussy while she enjoys her toes being sucked.

Categories: Chastity, Foot Worship, Pantyhose & Stockings
Machine Milking
8 minutes, 17 seconds of video
Added June 2nd, 2013    

Mistres Siri wants to collect every last drop of DNA from her slave cock. The slave is resistant to give up his sperm to her, but no man can resist the suction power of the Extractor 5000. She sets the milking machine to low and slowly begins getting his cock hard, she pushes his face into her cleavage for extra encouragement for is arousal. As his cock swells harder she turns up the suction in her milking device. She constant sucking friction feels too good he cannot resist and give in to his temptation erupting a huge load of cum for her collection. The slave defeated and tired from failing to hold back his orgasm.

Categories: Handjobs, Milking
Sexual Therapy
8 minutes, 13 seconds of video
Added May 21st, 2013    

Dr Siri understands why you are having trouble in the bedroom, and she has a specific cock training program to help you work through your problem. She unzips your pants and starts fondling your cock, don't be embarrassed she is a professional. You need to learn how to please a woman and that starts with controlling your cock and holding back orgasms. She is going to jerk you to the edge over and over but you are not permitted to cum until you are instructed to. Dr Siri rubs her massive breasts on your cock, it is hard to resist getting too excited with your cock sliding in-between. She is going to teach you complete orgasm control in her special "hands on" cock therapy session. If you learn to control your orgasm she will reward you with release.

Categories: Femdom POV, Handjobs
Mindlessly Obsessed
9 minutes, 15 seconds of video
Added May 13th, 2013    

You can't help yourself can you? The moment you look at my natural 32H breasts your cock gets hard doesn't it? I am going to use the power of my breasts to completely enslave and own you. The more you jerk to me the more you are going to want, I will have complete control over you. I want to keep you completely obsessed & mindlessly jerking to me.

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