Mistress Ash Hollywood

Ash Hollywood

Hollywood, CA

Based: Hollywood, CA
Availability: Possibly?
Website:  www.ashgirl.com
Fun Fact:  Ash Hollywood's hobbies include writing, snowboarding and wake boarding.

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Prostate Edging
14 minutes, 48 seconds of video
Added 01/04/2014    

Mistress Ash builds her slaves orgasm by manually stimulation his prostate with her fingers. She stimulates his cock while pressing on his male g-spot edging him closer and closer to orgasm. Mistress Ash mounts his face for a femdom 69. She strokes his cock while he licks her pussy to orgasm twice! Mistress Ash allows her slave an orgasm, but she feeds him his own cum after.

Categories: Bondage, Cum Eating, Milking, Handjobs, Anal Play
Give us your CUM!
13 minutes, 33 seconds of video
Added 12/31/2013    

Mistresses Lexi Sindel & Ash Hollywood take what they want from their slaves and enjoy forcing their cocks to orgasm on command. No slave can resist Mistress Lexi's manual milking technique. She strokes his cock while Mistress Ash makes him lick her pussy. Lexi laughs as his cock grows harder and harder in her hands. The slave cannot fight the urge to cum any longer and erupts a large load right into Lexi's hands, which she then forces him to lick up!

Featuring: Lexi Sindel
Categories: Milking, Pussy Worship, Cum Eating, Bondage, Handjobs
Teased and Denied
9 minutes, 20 seconds of video
Added 12/19/2013    

Ash loves beating up on the jock boys on campus especially when it comes to teasing their cocks. She gets off on watching big strong men begging on their knees as she denies them from ever fucking her sweet young pussy. Instead she turns them into drooling pussy licking pets constantly hard and frustrated ready to please with their tongues at any given moment.

Categories: Tease and Denial, Pussy Worship, Orgasm Denial
Cheerleader Blackmail
9 minutes, 50 seconds of video
Added 12/14/2013    

Ash runs things on campus, and she has a special way of making everyone obey! She keeps his balls on her leAsh to keep him in line, he had better do everything she asks if he doesn't want rumors of his kinky play sessions going around. Ash reinforces who the boss really is by taking off her shoes and making him smell her sweaty socks and shoes as a sign of submission. She continues her sadistic hazing by sitting on his chest and having him lick her feet. She crams her entire foot in his mouth, she laughs sadistically as he struggles and gasps for air. She enjoys having her toes sucked and worshiped, she maintains her position as the Queen Bee on campus.

Categories: CBT, Smelly: Feet, Shoes, Socks, Humiliation, Foot Worship
Fucked like a PUSSY
12 minutes, 44 seconds of video
Added 12/09/2013    

Sexy school girl Ash Hollywood straps it to a nerdy older man. He will do anything to please his goddess, even if it means taking it up the ass for her. She penetrates him with a thick long black cock, laughing as he squeals from the deep penetration.

Categories: Strap-on , Anal Play
Be My Foot Bitch
9 minutes, 14 seconds of video
Added 12/02/2013    

Mistress Ash is training her slave to be a proper foot bitch and worship her feet just the way she likes it. Ash especially loves it when her slave slowly sucks each toe individually then gives long licks to the bottoms of her feet leaving no inch untouched. She only allows her slave to lick her ass if he can figure out how to worship her sexy feet at the same time. Of course Mistress Ash is always ready to correct a slaves technique and takes no remorse in shoving her toes deep down in the back of his throat until he gets it right.

Categories: Humiliation, Foot Worship
Tag Teamed Slut
14 minutes of video
Added 11/29/2013    

Mistress Lexi and Ash Hollywood whip and fuck their slave into submission.

Featuring: Lexi Sindel
Categories: Bondage, Strap-on , Whipping, Anal Play
Extractor 5000
11 minutes, 38 seconds of video
Added 11/23/2013    

Mistress Ash Hollywood wants to milk her slaves balls completely dry, but with minimal effort on her part. She wheels in the milking machine Extractor 5000 to do the job for her. Ash teases his cock then places it in the faux pussy, the pumping cylinder strokes up and down his cock making him very aroused. She turns up the machine to high and laughs as he loses control of his penis.

Categories: Bondage, Milking, Humiliation
Ride to Orgasm
7 minutes, 53 seconds of video
Added 11/18/2013    

Ash Hollywood uses males for her pleasure, his face only exists to get her off. Ash begins rubbing her pussy up and down his face then smothering him with the full weight of her body while his tongue struggles to please her. She grinds her pussy against his mouth to orgasm.

Categories: Pussy Worship, Face Sitting
Double Trouble
9 minutes, 37 seconds of video
Added 11/09/2013    

You cock is in double trouble! Mistress Lexi & Mistress Ash want to see how long you can hold out before blowing your cu load all over yourself, it is so predictable... They tease you in their sheer catsuits showing off their perky tits & round asses, they instruct you to beg for permission to cum with your hard cock in your hand. The Mistresses keep pushing you closer and closer to the edge of orgasm, testing your limit. They want to see how much teasing you can handle before blowing.

Featuring: Lexi Sindel
Categories: Masturbation Instruction, Femdom POV
Anal Whore
17 minutes, 13 seconds of video
Added 10/25/2013    

This anal whore can't get enough cock. Mistresses Ash & Tiffany massacre his ass with their giant strap-on cocks, turning him in to even more of a gaping slut. They take turns fucking his slut face and ass, keeping both ends filled with their thick 10 inch dicks. The Mistresses ride his ass hard and make him work for his title of "Anal Whore".

Featuring: Tiffany Tyler
Categories: Humiliation, Strap-on
Slave Cock Ride
10 minutes, 33 seconds of video
Added 10/16/2013    

Mistress Ash Hollywood uses her slave as her personal sex toy, in-between her encounters he is locked away in chastity so that he is hard and ready to go anytime she desires. It is all about her pleasure and amusement.

Ash unlocks his cock then slides her pussy up and down his shaft getting him hard instantly. She rides his dick to orgasm while rubbing her clit.

Categories: Tease and Denial, Bondage, Sex