Mistress Mistress T

Mistress T


My major talents combined: getting into your head and creating a video where your fantasy becomes reality.

In one moment I am your cruel Cuckoldress, forcing you to watch me enjoy my well-hung lover, the next I am a Giantess, your most arousing nightmare, towering over you, I'm the White Goddess who calls you the names you so badly need to hear, your slutty little girl who has you wrapped around her pinky...Always Dominant, always in control: of you.


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Mistress Cums First
13 minutes, 57 seconds of video
Added June 10th, 2015    

Mistress T made a deal with her slave that after she receives fifty orgasms then he will finally be allowed one. His lucky day has arrived but she makes sure his special orgasm is going to be a ruined one.

Categories: Ass Worship, Brunette, Busty, Chastity, Cum Eating, Handjobs, Pussy Worship
Strap-on Slut Trainer
17 minutes, 23 seconds of video
Added May 19th, 2015    

Mistress T wants to pimp out her bitch boy but first make's sure his ass is properly trained to pleasure all those dicks. He is ordered to ride her strap-on cock until he cums like a bitch with a huge dick buried deep inside. All good sluts must learn to take cum loads and Mistress T scoops his up and dumps it in his hole to be plugged and stretched until she returns.

Categories: Anal Play, Brunette, Busty, Dildo Play, Handjobs, Milf, Ruined Orgasms, Strap-on
Fuck our FEET
7 minutes, 49 seconds of video
Added March 7th, 2014    

What slave could resist Mistress T & Lexi Sindel together?

These blonde goddesses tease the slave with their soft perfect feet. Lexi is barefoot while Mistress T is wearing pantyhose. The slave's cock is completely surrounded by feet stroking his hard cock.Lexi takes his cock in between her soles and begins to pump up and down. The horny foot slaves cock erupts many huge spurts of cum all over her feet. Of course Lexi makes him lick his mess off her perfect toes.

Featuring: Lexi Sindel
Categories: Cum Eating, Footjobs, Milking, Pantyhose & Stockings
Projectile Orgasm
10 minutes, 37 seconds of video
Added January 18th, 2014    

Mistress T and Lexi Sindel have heard enough begging from their slave wanting to cum after only a month of no orgasms. Using just a vibrator they milk 11 blasts of cum from his swollen blue balls while his cock stays locked away in its steel chastity.

Featuring: Lexi Sindel
Categories: Ass Worship, Bondage, Chastity, Cum Eating, Humiliation, Milking
Scent of a Mistress
12 minutes, 21 seconds of video
Added December 17th, 2013    

Mistress T loves to watch her slave suffer in discomfort and pain especially when he is worshipping her sweet delicious pussy. The humbler on her slaves cock and balls will be a constant reminder to him of his place in life as it forces him on all fours allowing no pleasure. Mistress T teaches him that a woman's pleasure always comes first and a man should never be thinking of himself.

Categories: Ass Worship, CBT, Pussy Worship
Mega Cum Blast!
7 minutes, 26 seconds of video
Added May 14th, 2013    

It is no surprise that men find Mistress T completely irresistible, submissive men cannot contain themselves. Mistress T lightly touches her subs cock making it instantly hard. She softly whispers in his ear while rubbing her pussy through her panties "Wouldn't you like to feel your cock inside me?".

Misress T builds his orgasm by slowly and seductively stroking his cock. He is completely on edge and ready to blow at any moment, she skillfully keeps him teetering right on the brink. Mistress T beings stroking his hard cock harder, she wants to see what kind of load she has built up with her edging. She orders him to cum, he releases a huge freak load of cum spurting mega blast after mega blast making a huge mess. Mistress T makes him lick the puddle of cum from her hands.

Categories: Humiliation, Milking
Gelded Bitch
9 minutes, 38 seconds of video
Added May 6th, 2013    

Mistress T and Lexi play a evil game of tease & denial. These sadistic mistresses take turns stroking his cock then slapping his balls, when they grow tired of teasing his cock they pull out the burdizzo to doom his balls forever!

Featuring: Lexi Sindel
Categories: CBT, Tease and Denial
No More Pussy from your Wife
7 minutes, 13 seconds of video
Added April 29th, 2013    

Sorry honey, I just don't feel like fucking you again... ever. Ever since you lost your job you just don't turn me on anymore. Until you can find it in yourself to become a real man, a provider I am taking away your pussy privileges. That is right, you are not going to feel the inside of my wet warm pussy. Instead of being inside me you can get on your knees and jerk your cock in front of me. I will let you look at my pussy, the pussy you once enjoyed so much, but no touching! Maybe I will let you kiss my ass while you stroke? That is very fitting isn't it?

-Your beloved wife Miss T

Categories: Femdom POV, Masturbation Instruction, Milf
Rubberized Bitch
11 minutes, 2 seconds of video
Added April 17th, 2013    

Mistress T transforms her slave into a mindless pet upon realizing she has no more use for him. She traps him in full rubber forcing him to live a life on all fours like a bitch keeping him on edge, horny and at the mercy of her every command.

Categories: Puppy Play, Tease and Denial
Unhappy Ending
4 minutes, 57 seconds of video
Added April 7th, 2013    

Mistress T and Lexi Sindel pin their sub down for some overwhelming cock teasing. Mistress T squats over his face letting him take in her scent while lexi begins to stroke his cock. "How bad do you want to cum slave?"
Lexi strokes the slaves cock harder, he cannot resist getting hard in the presence of these devastatingly dominant ladies. The slave knows full well that no reward goes unpunished. He begs to cum while still uncertain of what torments lie ahead post orgasm. The nervous slave spews a huge load of cum, the ladies laugh at his lack of self control and immediately begin punching and slapping his sensitive balls. Smiling with sadistic delight they wipe his male filth on his tongue to thoroughly ruin his orgasm.

Featuring: Lexi Sindel
Categories: Ass Worship, Handjobs, Milking
Housebreaking Pup
7 minutes, 53 seconds of video
Added November 14th, 2012    

Returning to the dungeon, Mistress T and Mistress Lexi find that they have a naughty puppy on their hands who needs to be properly house trained. Oiled, Powdered, Milked and Forced into a Thick Crinkly Diaper is just the start of this puppy's punishment.

Featuring: Lexi Sindel
Categories: Blonde, Brunette, Handjobs, Humiliation, Puppy Play
Sperm Farm
7 minutes, 49 seconds of video
Added November 3rd, 2012    

Mistress T and Mistress Lexi are running a sperm farm, they capture males and milk their cocks for as much sperm as they are worth. Their latest victim is ready for his daily harvest, they take him out of the cage and hook him to their milking machine. Lexi turns up the machine which intensely sucks on his cock, pulling up and down, he cannot resist the suction of the milking machine. The ladies laugh at their "donor", men are so easy. They developed this milking machine that no man cock can resist, it feels too good, he can't hold back any longer.... Lexi takes his cock out of the device right before his orgasm and jerks his cock into a beaker, collecting all of his sperm for their testing and experimental purposes.

Featuring: Lexi Sindel
Categories: Blonde, Brunette, Humiliation, Milf, Milking, Milking Machine